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Why GIM?

Specialized and in-depth studies are becoming increasingly important in view of the increasing complexity of the business environment. We offer you high quality studies and a 360° view of your markets, sectors of activity and customer groups.

Your goals are our goals!

Since the creation and development of GIM, our studies have always been recognized for their efficiency.

We bring you ideas and concrete elements that are relevant and can be directly and easily integrated into your strategies. Whether your issues concern your brand, your target groups, your products, your communication or your innovations:

Relevance Counts – Welcome at GIM.

New customer experience challenges for the pharmaceutical industry with Covid-19

Research & commercial development manager Eric Dépinay shares his insights in this article.

GIM France is moving!


In the heart of Lyon and of trends, facing the Basilica of Fourvière, GIM France is undergoing a makeover and is changing its premises: more spacious, more stylish and more functional.

Our Twitter and LinkedIn addresses do not change, so do not hesitate to follow us on social networks!

GIM France develops its CSR plan


To discover in which areas, and especially how, GIM France is involved in CSR, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated page here.

Image study on German market research companies: GIM among the top 3

GIM reached one of the top places and placed third overall from a study on the study of the current image of institutes in Germany ...

Quick research results in less than 72h with GIM QuickInsights  

Today, relevant information must often be provided quickly and for a small budget. GIM QuickInsights is an agile solution ...

GIM has developed a new creative workshop method: "Idea Market" 

GIM has developed a new creative workshop method called "Idea Market". This innovative approach to co-creation is mainly used for innovation ...